Session 1 Self-Check

This self-check is exactly that: a place for you to review and see how well you can answer these questions. There's no answer key and no grading scale. You'll know, though. The question to ask yourself is, "How well can I articulate an answer to these questions without looking it up?" The goal is to be ready at any time to give an answer to each of them.

  • Name one key New Testament verse instructing believers to be ready to give a defense of their beliefs
  • Using the book of Hebrews, explain what's wrong with simply telling people what to believe, without providing reasons to believe it.
  • Explain at least two reasons why apologetics is an important pursuit for believers, even though it may be difficult.
  • Explain why apologetics isn't necessarily a cold "head-only" form of Christian study, but involves the heart as well.
  • Explain why apologetics isn't (or need not be, anyway) just "arguing."
  • Explain how you would answer the challenge, "You can't argue people into the kingdom of God."


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